Foodival is Transition Town Tooting's annual food festival, celebrating everything that's good about locally grown food. Foodival aims to show how it's possible to grow local, eat local, be sustainable and have fun while doing it!

Monday, July 24, 2017

Ready, Steady, GROW for the 10th Tooting Foodival

The Tooting Foodival celebrates local growing, cooking and eating together. It's based on what people locally grow and donate - so we can all admire Tooting's skills and productivity. Plus we can offer super ingredients to the Top Tooting Cook contest and the chefs' delicious demonstrations. 

Sowing radishes
Radishes harvested just 4 weeks later
There's still time to grow from scratch so you can donate to the Foodival on Saturday Sept 16th. It's about sharing the love rather than growing big quantities. We're  delighted by the diversity of what's donated
every year!

Starting now, what can you sow, grow and harvest for the Foodival?

If you can get sowing by the end of July, you could harvest these by mid-September:
  • Rocket
  • Coriander
  • mixed cutting Lettuces
  • Mustard Greens
  • Cima di Rapa (that's turnip tops)
  •  And more - do share your suggestions.
White turnips

Alfalfa spouts, 5 days from starting

Much closer to the Foodival date:
> you could start Radishes as late as mid August
> you could start Sprouting Seeds just a week before (here's our handy guide)
> you could sow Cress just a few days before

Cress, 3 days from sowing

 Where can you grow?
  • In your own garden or allotment
  • In containers on a terrace, balcony or windowsill
  • At a nearby community garden

Even if you're a beginner, why not give it a go?

Expert or newbie, everyone is included in our annual amazing 'I Grew This' celebratory Foodival poster:

If you would like to ask questions or get advice, or come and grow from scratch with us at Tooting Comunity Garden - all welcome on Sundays and Wednesdays, 5 North Drive SW16 1RN. Check for updates on opening on our facebook page.

NB there's a highly-recommended session on container gardening by our friend Mark Ridsdill-Smith and more at the London Permaculture Festival on Sunday 30th July - see you there.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Foodival Cooking Event

For the 10th Foodival we are planning to create a real hands-on event to show the visitors how to turn homegrown vegetables into simple and delicious meals. To do that, we will create work areas for 3 groups preparing each a part of a 3-course-menu. Each of the groups will be guided by a chef/helper.
Some home grown donations from 2015
The menu we will be broadly the following:

Starter: Pakoras – Ingredients needed: Onions, cauliflower, courgette, spinach 

Main course: Vegetable stew – Ingredients needed: Onions, carrots, potatoes, turnips, peas and any other veg including tomatoes, garlic, herbs etc.

Dessert: Fruit Crumble – Ingredients needed: Any soft fruit – apples, pears, plums, berries 

This menu will be made from donated locally grown produce - yeahhhh!

But to do that we need the green fingers of the great south-west London public.  It would be great if you could help us to realise this menu by donating some of the above ingredients. There are still two months to go so get out the watering can, the tomorite or whatever it takes!

Donations will be gratefully received on Friday afternoon, 15 September to: Mushkil Aasaan, 222 Upper Tooting Road, London SW17 7EW or let us know when you would like us to collect. Thank you very much The Foodival Team.

Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Foodival Logo

Loving this year's Foodival logo, Dave Mauger's simple twist on the logo used over the last few years. Yes it's the 10th Foodival unbelievably and we hope you'll want to get involved.  If you do we are meeting tomorrow night (Weds 5th July) in the King's Head at Tooting Bec at 7pm to discuss latest plans.  All welcome to contribute in whatever way!  And thank you Dave!

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Foodival 2017 Poster

Tooting Foodival is back this autumn.  What are you growing now that could be cooked up in 3 months time?  

On Saturday 16th September we'll be celebrating the range of low food mile food that can be grown in and around SW17.  Come along and join in, in whatever capacity you like.  We guarantee it will be FUN!

We Need Local Vegetable & Fruit Growers
And We Need Local Cooks!
Could It Be YOU? 

For more information or to get involved please email


Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Foodival 2017

Amazingly for us, in 2017 we are celebrating the 10th running of TOOTING FOODIVAL, TTT's sustainable, local, low food mile food festival.
This year's event will take place on Saturday 16th September in and around Mushkil Aasaan in Tooting High St. and as usual aims to explore and celebrate the range of food that can be grown in the city and the diverse cultures found in Tooting, giving local people a chance to meet, learn from each other and have some fun.

A small team of us are developing this year's 10th anniversary event and we need your help! Want to get involved? Please get in touch by mailing

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Inspired by #Foodival2016? Everyone can have a Tooting home farm by sprouting seeds!

A new idea at this year's Tooting Foodival was to celebrate local food together by encouraging home seed sprouting.

 Measuring out seeds to give away as trial packs at the Foodival (and checking the spelling)

Why sprout seeds at home?
It's easy, fun, accessible to all (no allotment, balcony or windowsill needed) and you produce fresh  nutritious food with zero food miles and no waste.

How to do it?
Growing your own is easy with our Successful Seed Sprouting at Home handout.

Soak the seeds (there are so many kinds you can use) for a day, then rinse them every day until ready, then enjoy them while beautifully fresh within a week of starting them off.
These sprouted seeds are nearly ready to eat

After the Foodival one family sprouted a mix of lentils and teff

We had good conversations about sprouting on the Saturday at the Foodival. Most people have heard about it....but maybe only ever had those big supermarket bags of bean sprouts. Some people may have a sprouting kit tucked away, or maybe it's a completely new idea.

Enjoy in many ways - in salads, in pitta bread, mixed with a yogurt dressing or salsa, in a stir-fry, as a topping to add crunch and life to many dishes - and to school lunchboxes.

PS why teff?
In TTT we've become interested in teff cereal grain during our year and half working with refugees and asylum-seekers at CARAS in our Rooting in Tooting project. Teff is native to the Horn of Africa: in Ethiopian restaurants in London you'll be served injera, fermented bread made of teff grain.

Tooting teff
We've grown teff this year in the Tooting Community Garden, and we're going to get some hands-on advice about how to save the there can be plenty of future sprouting in Tooting.

Friday, September 16, 2016

Did you try Minestra's delicious pasta dish?

On Sunday afternoon, while the cooks were deliberating over who would become Top Tooting Cook for 2016, Minestra turned local produce donated from Tamworth Farm and around Tooting, into the most delicious vegetable pasta dish.

Elisabetta preparing vegetables (Pic by Riccardo, Minestra)

Elisabetta demonstrates to a packed Foodival crowd (Pic by Riccardo, Minestra)
We are really grateful to Minestra for their cooking demonstration. Maybe you saw it and tasted the delicious dish. Maybe you'd like to try it at home? Head over to Minestra's Facebook page for the recipe - Homemade Maltagliati with Vegetables.

Minestra also run Supper Clubs at their home - delicious low food mile dishes, shared with neighbours and new friends. The next Supper Club will take place on 15th October.

Monday, September 12, 2016

Soup Disco Characters

So the finale of Foodival 2016 yesterday was a Soup Disco held at Tooting Market. Many vegetables were peeled, washed and chopped before being cooked up into an uber soup by our team of dedicated volunteers. Thanks to everyone who helped out.
Just off the adjacent, hot, disco dancefloor (see Jeni's golden boots) various local characters indulged themselves in the semi-anonymity of Soup Disco Photobooth.  Can you spot any famous Tooting faces you know?
There'll be a full report on the whole event to follow ...

Top Tooting Cook Entries - Wow!

Feast your eyes on these amazing photos of the #Foodival2016 Top Tooting Cook entries!  All grown principally from donated home grown produce. More details on recipes and prize winners will follow ... but I thought you'd like to see this hot off the press!

Thank you to Charles for these stunning shots.  There'll be some from the Soup Disco photo booth soon too!

Sunday, September 11, 2016

Soup Disco Tonight!

Don't miss the Soup Disco at Tooting Market this evening.  Low food mile sustainable veg peeled, chopped and cooked up into a community feast to the sound of classic dance beats.  You couldn't make it up!  Well you can if you come tonight ...

Optional checklist: peeler, glitter, apron, platform shoes, wig, chopping board, friend, inner Travolta